Chris Brown

Hello, I’m Chris, and I appreciate your interest! I’ve been creating agency and direct client digital projects since 1998. I’ve delivered desktop, touchscreen, mobile and web applications; content managed, e-commerce and rich media sites; computer-based training modules, 2D and 3D animations, online games and video productions.

I’ve mastered an array of software programs and programming languages to design and develop many different projects with various scopes.

cardboard vr

I’ve also taught for ten years in the Digital Art and Design department at Kendall College of Art and Design. My courses include Interactive Design, Web Development, Maya 3D, and Professional Studio which mirrors an agency production environment where I manage group projects that are often professional collaborations.

On a more personal note… I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan (although I’m a frequent traveler) where I lead an active and healthy lifestyle to balance out my passion for the art and science of interactive media. I can usually be found cruising around in my Jeep and playing beach volleyball on the shores of Lake Michigan in the summertime, skiing and watching Lakers basketball in the winter months, and performing soccer goalkeeper duties as well as enjoying the local craft beer and vegetarian cuisine all year round. I embrace a life of learning and enjoy reading about profound subjects like consciousness and the nature of reality.

Get a hold of me, let’s talk nerdy and work together!